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What to Do If You’re Discharged from Hospital Too Soon

Published by Robert J Stillwell on April 17, 2019

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If you are a Medicare patient and you feel that you are being discharged from the hospital too soon, know that you have rights.  It is important to know what your rights are and how to appeal. 

Medicare requires hospitals to give patients information about their discharge and rights to appeal.  You should receive your first notice after you have been admitted and the second notice before discharge.

If you receive your notice of discharge and you are not ready to leave, you should contact your local Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) immediately. 

QIO is a group of doctors and professionals who monitor the care delivered to the Medicare patients.  You must contact the QIO by noon on the first day after you receive your discharge notice.  If you contact the QIO right away, you will not be responsible to pay for your care while you wait for them to review your case. Please be aware if you don’t contact them by noon, the hospital can begin charging you on the third day after receipt of discharge notice. 

It is the QIO’s job to review the circumstances of your discharge.  They will review the medical necessity, appropriateness, and the quality of hospital treatment provided to the patient.  Bottomline, during the QIO’s review the hospital cannot discharge you nor will you have to pay for the additional days in the hospital.  Don’t forget you have rights too.

Below please find your local Quality Improvement Organization helpline

Pennsylvania                    866-815-5440

Delaware & Florida         844-455-8708

Wyoming                          844-430-9504

Iowa & Ohio                     855-408-8557

Remember if you feel that the hospital is discharging you too early, call the QIO above and file an appeal.

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