Dental Insurance Plans & Coverage

Dental Insurance plans are designed to help offset costs of dental work.  Since these expenses may not be covered by health insurance policies. 

Some dental insurance plans allow you the freedom to see any dentist you choose.  This means that there is no network of dentists required.  Some dental plans even provide the added benefits of vision and hearing coverage. 

What Does Dental Insurance Cover?

Dental insurance protects you from exorbitant costs when you visit the dentist. Plans typically cover 2 annual dental exams and cleanings with no waiting period.  Dental Insurance plans also provide coverage for filling cavities and x-rays, as well as major dental care such as dentures, bridges, and crowns. 

How Much Does Dental Insurance Cost?

On average, dental insurance cost $40-$45 per month. Most plans come with a small deductible around $100 a year and provide a maximum annual benefit up to $2000.

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