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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Get quotes and learn more about whole, term, & universal insurance policies. The Robert J Stillwell Agency is here to provide clarity and get you the coverage you need.

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What is life insurance & why do I need it?

Considering purchasing life insurance can make some individuals feel uncomfortable as they have to consider leaving their loved ones. However, purchasing a life insurance policy can help to put your mind at ease, since you know that your family and loved ones will be financially secure should the worst happen. Given this, choosing the right life insurance plan can seem overwhelming due to the amount of options and terminology. This is why having a trusted insurance agency like the Robert J Stillwell Agency is a key to getting the insurance policy which best matches your needs. If you are ready to purchase life insurance, contact the Robert J Stillwell Agency today!

Types of life insurance coverage

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Term life insurance

Term life insurance is a life insurance policy which is in effect for a specific period of time. Typically a term life insurance policy is purchased in a duration which matches a financial obligation which a purchaser has. There are a number of different types of term life insurance which vary by payout structure and term duration. The best way to determine the right term life insurance policy for your needs is to discuss with an agent at the Robert J Stillwell Agency.

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Universal life insurance

Universal Life policies can provide coverage for both final expenses and family support. However, one of the best features of a Universal life policy is that they can also be very beneficial while you are living your life because they build cash value. They tend to be more expensive than term policies because they build cash value and are guaranteed for life as long as you pay your premiums.

While Universal Life policies are more expensive than Term Life polices, they are extremely flexible and they come in many different shapes and sizes. By purchasing a universal life insurance policy, you can ensure the coverage meets your needs.

Universal policies do not have a time limit on when they expire. As long as you continue to pay the premiums, your policy will remain in force with no increase in premium. We recommend obtaining these policies while you’re young to get low premiums.

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What is Whole Life Insurance?

Whole life insurance is an insurance policy purchased which is in effect for the whole life of the purchaser. Typically a whole life insurance policy will have an expiration near 95 or 100 years old. A whole life insurance policy is typically more expensive than a term life insurance policy. However, a whole life insurance policy also has a cash value, something which a term life insurance policy does not offer. You can read more about the difference between term life insurance and whole life insurance on our website, or you can contact one of our agents who would be happy to discuss the differences and advantages of each!

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Is Life Insurance Worth It?

Purchasing life insurance is always worth the investment when affordable. Life insurance provides peace of mind that no matter what happens to you in the future, your family and loved ones will be financially secure. In addition to the death benefit of life insurance, there are other ways to extract value from a life insurance policy which makes purchasing the life insurance policy well worth the cost. An agent from the Robert J Stillwell Agency would be happy to walk through the benefits of each type of life insurance and help you identify which type of insurance would be best for your needs.

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How to Buy Life Insurance

After you have decided which type of life insurance plans is right for your own needs, the next step is purchasing the life insurance policy. Typically the best way to purchase a life insurance plan is to contact your insurance agency. If you choose the Robert J Stillwell Agency for purchasing your life insurance policy, an agent would be happy to walk you through the available plans and discuss what would be right for your own situation.

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How to Use Life Insurance While Alive

If you purchase life insurance, there are ways to use the value of your life insurance policy while still alive. Unfortunately, if you purchase a term life insurance policy, there is no way to extract value from the life insurance policy you purchased. However, a whole life insurance policy carries a cash value which can be utilized while you are still alive. The cash value of the whole life insurance policy can be accessed through either a loan or withdrawal prior to the fulfillment of the policy. Additionally, some whole life insurance policies may offer a dividend! To discuss the specifics of your life insurance policy and whether you are able to use your life insurance policy while alive, the best idea is to contact your insurance agency directly.

Contact Robert J Stillwell Agency

If you are looking to purchase life insurance, look no further than the Robert J Stillwell Agency. Located in Spring House, PA, the Robert J Stillwell Agency has been providing life insurance policies to Pennsylvania and many more states for decades. Our experienced insurance agents are waiting to assist you in finding the right life insurance policy for your needs and budget. Start the process of getting a life insurance quote today by contacting us.

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