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Cancer insurance policy

What is a cancer insurance policy

A cancer insurance policy will pay a lump sum benefit amount upon the diagnosis of cancer.  This benefit will be paid directly to you.  It allows you the freedom to spend money in a manner that is best for you.  Such as medical and prescription drug copayments, pay for experimental treatment, loss of income, transportation to treatments, take a recuperative trip, etc. A cancer insurance policy allows you to select the benefit that is right for you.

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get ahead

Get a quick start & receive the best chance of beating cancer

Cancer can be overwhelming but the Precision Cancer Care policy allows you to focus right away, get a quick start, and receive the best chance of beating cancer.

Precision medicine is the wave of the future for treating illnesses such as cancer.  Through Precision medicine, doctors use genetic tests of both patient and the cancer tumor – to determine the exact drugs or treatments that have the best chance of working.  Covering the high costs of cancer is good, but beating cancer is better!

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Getting started

How does a cancer insurance policy work

An individual applying for a cancer policy will have to go through the underwriting process of the company they are applying with.  This means that they have to answer a series of health questions on the cancer application to qualify for coverage.  The cost of a cancer policy can range from about $20 – $50 a month depending on your age at the time of the application as well as the lump sum benefit amount that you choose.

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