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What Is It Water Backup Coverage & Do You Need It?

Published by Robert J Stillwell on December 18, 2018

Weather-Related Water Damage & Flooding Requires Water Backup Coverage

Water is one of the leading causes of property damage in homes. According to Travelers, non-weather related water damage causes up to 20% of all homeowners claims. That’s why Water Backup Coverage Exists.

Should I get Water Backup Coverage?

You may be asking yourself, “Do I need Water Backup Insurance?” If you’re a homeowner, the short answer is yes. Like all insurance, Homeowners Insurance policies do not cover you for all possible claims. One of the most important exclusions to address is when water backs up through pipes or drains, such as when your sump pump fails to work properly.

Weather-related water damage is often an included coverage on most Homeowners Policies. However, homeowners insurance does not cover flooding. If your power goes out during a storm resulting in the failure of your sump pump, the water that enters your home can cause major and expensive damage that isn’t covered by default.

By adding coverage to your Homeowners Policy, you can protect yourself and your property from a significant financial loss. This coverage endorsement is commonly called “Water Backup of Sewers and Drains.” Most insurance companies offer this coverage and it’s something that should be recommended by your insurance agent because of how much damage water can cause.

How Much Does Water Backup Coverage Cost?

Water Backup Coverage typically starts with limits of $5,000, but can be increased to a limit that meets your coverage needs.

Homes that are most susceptible to these types of claims are homes with finished basements. The cost of replacing carpeting, drywall, furniture and your other possessions can quickly add up, so determining how much coverage you need is important.

We all hope to never have a claim and prevention efforts do go a long way. Insurance companies will often give you a premium credit or discount for putting preventative measures in place.

How to Prevent Water Backups and Damage

One of the most common and traditional ways to protect against water backup is through a battery backup for your sump pump to allow it to keep running even if you lose power.

One the newer ways to prevent water damage is with smart home devices. You can use a water intrusion alarm that includes a feature that allows to manually shutoff the water supply from your cell phone, even if you’re away from home. Some insurance carriers even offer you a discount on these devices.

If you don’t have the coverage you need, or don’t know what coverage you have, get in touch with us through the form on the right. We’re happy to talk through your options and help you find the level of coverage that’s right for you.

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