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Precision Medicine for Cancer Treatment

Published by Robert J Stillwell on August 16, 2019

What is Precision Medicine?

Precision Medicine is the wave of the future for treating illnesses such as cancer. Through Precision Medicine, doctors use genetic tests—of both the patient and the cancer tumor—to determine the exact drugs or treatments that have the best chance of working.

Precision Care™ Cancer Insurance Policy

Covering the high costs of cancer is good, but beating cancer is better. Guarantee Trust Life has released a great plan called Precision Care™, which will help you do both.

Cancer can be overwhelming but the Precision Care plan allows you to focus right away, get a quick start, and receive the best chance of beating cancer. Precision Care provides you with a lump sum benefit upon the first diagnosis of cancer. This payment goes directly to you.

How Does Precision Medicine Work?

Guarantee Trust Life has partnered with T-Gen, one of the leading non-profit medical research institutes in the world. This Precision Care policy gives you access to T-Gen.

T-Gen’s DNA testing explores your DNA uniqueness and their research helps them create a course of treatment that is just right for you. Not only do they discover the treatment that fits you but T-Gen’s physicians will work one on one with you and your oncologist. They help you understand your DNA sequencing results, review your treatment options and give your oncologist information to help your recovery.

Bottomline, T-Gen targets and tests your DNA sequencing to provide treatment options that will work best with your DNA to give you the best chance at fighting your cancer.

Learn more information about Precision Medicine, and how it treats cancer, in this article from Newsweek.

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