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How Well Are You Protecting Your Customers Data?

Published by Robert J Stillwell on October 11, 2019


Many businesses today face the risk of financial loss from technology and privacy issues.  This loss can come in the form of a breach of private data held on your employees or your clients, or from cyber crime such as ransomware, social engineering and cyber-extortion. 

One of the major problems many business owners face with this risk is a lack of technical understanding in how they are at risk and how best to protect themselves.  IT services – whether you hire someone in house or contract that work – are very expensive and often outside of our budgets so how can we even begin to address these issues?

One solution we have available through our insurance carrier partners is the ability to provide you with a free Cyber Risk Assessment.  This Assessment reviews some basic information about your business along with your website to provide a summary of where both significant and minor exposures are – as well as recommendations for how to fix them. 

If you are interested in obtaining this complimentary service, we only need a few pieces of information about your business.  The Risk Assessment carries no charge and has no obligation to purchase any services.  If you’re interested, please contact your agent or customer service representative by calling our office at 215-643-3490, or by completely the form here:

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