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5 Things to Do While Under Quarantine

Published by Robert J Stillwell on April 14, 2020


In the past few weeks we have all been ordered to social distance ourselves from others due to the Corona virus pandemic. Which has left most of us either working remotely , homeschooling our children and staying in the house.  As social distancing gets extended we are all running out of things to do throughout the day, here are 5 tips and ideas that can be used to pass time during this pandemic.

Connect with Family and Friends Virtually 

With today’s advanced technology there are many ways and platforms online that we can use to connect with friends and family while social distancing. Zoom conference , Skype, you can also use Face Time on any apple device.  

Netflix is also offering a #netflixparty feature, that allows friends and family connect online and watch the same movie or series with the option to chat about it.

At Home Exercise   

Now is a great time to stay active and try an at home work out.  Many fitness centers are offering free virtual work out classes during this time.  Check with your local gym and see what is available to you. Here’s a list of gyms that are offering online classes.

Watch a Live Show from Home 

The Metropolitan Opera is now streaming a live performance every night for free.

Try a New Recipe 

Its a great time to try to make a dish or dessert that you haven’t gotten around to trying, or even challenge yourself to making a new recipe with what you have available to you in your home.

Spring Cleaning 

This gives us no reason to push back that spring cleaning.  Now would be the best time to dust, scrub and wipe down.  Go through your closet and donate things that people that are in need during this time may find helpful.

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