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What Is GoodRx and How Does It Work?

Published by Robert J Stillwell on February 14, 2019

Do you have an expensive drug? Is your drug not covered on your formulary? Are you in the donut hole? Do you need help lowering the cost of your prescription drugs?

If you are looking for a way to possibly lower the cost of your prescription drugs, we may have a solution.

There is this great website, GoodRx that is designed to help you save. It will give you a list of pharmacies closest to you with the lowest price for your prescription drug. If available, it will also provide a manufacturer coupon for your drug which may help you save additional money on your prescription. This is a great tool for everyone to utilize when trying to reduce your prescription costs.

How Does GoodRx Work?

  • Go to
  • Type in the name of your prescription and your zip code
  • Click on the ‘find the lowest price” button
  • Next a list of pharmacies closest to you and their prices will come up from lowest to highest
  • On the left hand side, you can also add your prescription insurance plan to find out what your copay would be at each pharmacy
  • It will also show if there are coupons for this prescription with a link so you can print out the coupon. This coupon maybe lower than your health insurance copay but it cannot be used to lower your copay. You should ask your pharmacist to help you find the best possible price.

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