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Medicare Advantage special needs plans for 2023

The Robert J Stillwell Agency has agents offering Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans (SNPs) in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, and Iowa.

What is a Special Needs Plan (SNP)_

What is a Special Needs Plan (SNP)?

While everyone incurs costs with their health coverage, those who are affected by low incomes or encounter more costs due to a life altering condition struggle the most financially. An SNP allows these people to obtain the coverage they need at prices that are more affordable to them.

Medicare SNPs are a type of HMO Medicare Advantage plan which incorporates prescription drug coverage. These plans focus on specific groups, their unique needs, and provide specialized care within the network of providers. While all Medicare Advantage plans must offer care equal to that of Medicare, these plans go beyond that and offer additional benefits. A few of these added benefits are: hearing exams, vision benefits, and dental care. They also may offer an Over-The-Counter benefit which allows the member to obtain health products (such as aspirin, vitamins, and personal hygiene items) through a catalog or in some instances, at a local store. Transportation to and from medical appointments may also be offered on a limited basis.

What Are the Three Types of Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans?


Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan

The Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan is for those who have Medicare Parts A and B, fully qualify for their state assistance program (in Pennsylvania it is Medicaid), and live within the SNP service area. Medicare is the primary payor on these plans, with the state assistance office picking up most of/or all of the remaining costs for the member.


Chronic Condition Special Needs Plan

The second type of Special Needs Plan is the Chronic Condition. This plan is for those who have a “maintenance” health condition such as diabetes or chronic heart failure / cardiovascular disorders. With this plan, members receive coordinated care to ensure all aspects of their healthcare needs are met.

Institutional Special Needs Plan

The third type is an Institutional Special Needs Plan. This plan covers those who live in a skilled nursing facility or a type of assisted living facility and require a higher level of care for 90 days or more.

Who qualifies for SNP?

If you feel you may qualify for a Special Needs Plan and/or would like to learn more about them, please complete the form below and a knowledgeable representative will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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