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How to File a Claim for Short-Term Home Health Care Insurance

Published by Robert J Stillwell on August 16, 2019


Do you have a Short Term Home Health Care Policy with Guaranteed Trust Life? If so, here is how you file a claim including information on the prescription drugs benefit.

Process of Filing a Claim for GTL’s Short Term Home Health Care

Step 1: Qualify for Benefits

The first step to qualify for benefits is a licensed Care Practitioner must certify that the client has a Cognitive Impairment or inability to perform normal everyday activities. The client must need assistance to perform at least two of the six daily living activities such as bathing, continence, dressing, eating, toileting and transferring.

Step 2: Complete a Claim Form

A claim form is completed which includes a Physicians Home Health Care Certification certifying that the client qualifies. The client chooses a licensed Home Health Care Agency to assist them in their home.

Step 3: Provide Proof of Care

Guarantee Trust Life will need a weekly bill and the daily sheets showing what care was performed. Once the claim has been approved the client will be paid directly from GTL.

What is Included in a Short Term Home Health Care Policy?

Included with the Short Term Home Health Care Policy is a prescription drug benefit. This benefit will pay the client $10 for each generic or $25 for each brand name prescription up to the policy maximum. The policy maximum is $300 or $600 depending on what benefit the client has chosen.

There is a simple claim form to complete in addition the client will need to obtain proof in which it should include client’s name, name of medication, the RX number, date the medication was filled and the name of the Pharmacy. The easiest way to obtain proof is to get a printout from the pharmacy that the prescriptions were filled. Once the claim has been approved the client will be paid directly from GTL.

Even if you do not utilize the home care portion of your policy you should still file a prescription drug claim. This is a great benefit to get some money back for prescriptions that you have paid for in the last 12 months.

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