Often You Pay No Deductible for Windshield Repairs..

Often if both of the following conditions apply, you pay no deductible to have your windshield repaired:

  • You have Comprehensive coverage and have windshield damage that your policy covers.
  • Your windshield can be repaired safely rather than replaced.


We know the importance of repairing or replacing glass damage, and many auto insurance companies make the process easy and convenient for you.

Here’s how to make a glass claim, and what we do for you:

  • Report the damage as soon as possible by logging in and reporting your claim online.

Reporting your claim first prevents unnecessary costs to all involved parties—if you have the glass replaced or repaired before you report your claim, you may pay more for the repair.

  • A claims representative will work with you to review your policy and to make sure you are covered for any repairs. Usually, Comprehensive coverage is required for a claim involving only glass damage.
  • Once coverage is determined, your claims representative will arrange the repair or replacement of your glass at the location of your choice. Repairs often are completed within 48 hours of your phone call.


You Choose Who Fixes the Glass

After you report your claim, you can choose from a network of approved glass shops to repair or replace your glass. Many auto insurance companies work with Safelite.


The benefits of choosing Safelite or an affiliate shop to repair or replace your glass include:


  • Guarantees– A national warranty, is provided on the glass replacement work for as long as you own or lease the vehicle.​
  • Convenience – Glass repair or replacement is mobile, so you can choose to have your car fixed at work, at home, at a shop – wherever.
  • Quality – Glass shops in our network meet our strict quality standards.
  • Price – Shops in the network agree to complete work at pre-arranged prices, which means you only pay your deductible and no surprise charges.


Always check with us or your Auto Carrier for exactly how your claim for a windshield will be handled before having it repaired.