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    What is a Hospital Indemnity Plan? Do I need that type of coverage?

        Medicare Advantage plans are great because you can get as low as a $0 planned premium. However as your Agent explained you have copays including a hospital inpatient copay with your Medicare Advantage plan. A Hospital Indemnity plan is an affordable solution to help with hospital copays. In other words, a Hospital Indemnity Plan (HIP) is a type of insurance designed to pay you benefits if you are confined to a hospital whether it is for planned or unplanned reasons. These benefits are paid directly to you.   Do you have a Medicare Advantage plan where you have an inpatient hospital stay copay that requires you to pay…

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    What Is GoodRx and How Does It Work?

    Do you have an expensive drug? Is your drug not covered on your formulary? Are you in the donut hole? Do you need help lowering the cost of your prescription drugs? If you are looking for a way to possibly lower the cost of your prescription drugs, we may have a solution. There is this great website, GoodRx that is designed to help you save. It will give you a list of pharmacies closest to you with the lowest price for your prescription drug. If available, it will also provide a manufacturer coupon for your drug which may help you save additional money on your prescription. This is a great tool…

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    Is Your Dog on an Insurance Prohibited List?

    Do you have a lovable dog that has a bad reputation simply because of its breed? Many Homeowners Insurance carriers steer clear of certain breeds of dogs because many believe that have a more aggressive disposition. What Dog Breeds are often Blacklisted by Insurance Companies? If you have one of the following dogs despite how well behaved it is, there is a good likelihood that insurance companies would be resistant to insuring you: Pitbulls Staffordshire Terrier Rottweiler Doberman Pinscher Presa Canarias Chow Chow Any mix/variation of these breeds This might not seem fair since your dog has never bit anyone or had a vicious temperament. We have good news for…

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    A Winter of Fuzzy Sweaters May Be Clogging your Dryer Vent

    ​​​The day after Christmas, Auburn’s historic Heritage Building, which stood witness to the 1929 stock market collapse, World War II, and countless global calamities, succumbed to a seemingly unworthy foe: a fire, perhaps sparked by a clothes dryer. While investigation into the fire’s cause is ongoing, residents using the building’s laundry room reported seeing flames and smoke coming from a dryer before the structure was engulfed. Nationwide, dryers start about 3,000 house fires a year. The culprit is often a buildup of flammable. That’s because for every scrap of fuzz you pull from your dryer’s lint trap, there’s another 25% you don’t see! Some ends up on the ground below…

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    The Greatest Compliment is a referral! If your Agent and The Agency has been helpful to you, we would love to help someone you know with their Medicare options this enrollment period. Please have them call the office, and be sure to give us your agents name so we can have the same agent help them. Call us at 1.800.642.3492

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    Often You Pay No Deductible for Windshield Repairs..

    Often if both of the following conditions apply, you pay no deductible to have your windshield repaired: You have Comprehensive coverage and have windshield damage that your policy covers. Your windshield can be repaired safely rather than replaced.   We know the importance of repairing or replacing glass damage, and many auto insurance companies make the process easy and convenient for you. Here’s how to make a glass claim, and what we do for you: Report the damage as soon as possible by logging in and reporting your claim online. Reporting your claim first prevents unnecessary costs to all involved parties—if you have the glass replaced or repaired before you report…

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    24 Hour Nurse Line

    Does your plan provide this?? With a 24 hour nurse line, you can call 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ask basic health questions and address concerns such as: Your symptoms Medications and side effects When to go to the emergency room Local physician and hospital resources To find out if your plan offers this service give us a call at (215) 643-3490